About Us


KASSEL SANITÄR SL is committed to the environment.


Water conservation awareness has increased in recent decades. Many countries promote sustainable water consumption and propose measures for rational water use.
KASSEL SANITÄR, aware of these needs, offers water efficient, energy saving, user friendly solutions for sanitary products of high quality and design.

Based on infrared sensor technology (Contact Free) or piezoelectric (Touch), Kassel products suit the needs of industries like health centers, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, airports, gyms and offices, among others. Offering a wide range of solutions for sinks, toilets, urinals and showers, specially designed to accommodate locations where hygiene requirements, savings, convenience and safety are highly important. Kassel also develops products for the residential sector, combining new technologies and providing the user a sense of comfort and elegance without neglecting saving and rational use of water and energy. 


All Kassel products are specially designed to help save and conserve our most precious resource: water.